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During the Gala, survivors of domestic violence will be honored for their strength, resilience, and their commitment to help other survivors of domestic violence in the Austin Community. In addition to honoring and celebrating survivors, MUSEAUSTIN will be raising awareness and funding for the Survive2Thrive Foundation’s Sanctuary Program.

The Survive2Thrive Foundation’s Sanctuary Program provides short-term housing stipends to survivors of domestic violence who have been turned away from their local shelter. 2/3rds of those turned away are children.

For $75, we can house a family of four for a night with one of our secured hotel partners. Our fundraising goal for the Gala starts at $75,000!

This goal will provide 1,000 nights of safety for 70 families in 2016-2017! 70 families will be safe and on the road to recovery with your help!

Survive2Thrive’s stipends to the wait listed families we support provide them a safe environment to regroup and begin building their new futures without violence and abuse.

Visit for more information about Survive2Thrive's recovery path.

BE A SPONSOR and help us in our mission to provide 1,000 nights of safety in 2016 and 2017!

Please email us at for a sponsorship packet or click here to view our 2016 sponsorship levels.