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The Survive2Thrive Foundation is an Austin-based 501c3 charity founded by survivors of domestic violence.  We are an advocate-supported resource ecosystem for survivors of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) who have been turned away from their local shelter.  Each year, we host our annual fundraiser, MUSEAUSTIN, to raise funds to support this courageous group of people and their families and this year we are honored to bring Ms. Mary Wilson of the Supremes to Austin, Saturday, October 29, 2016, to help us in our goal!

MUSEAUSTIN features some of Austin’s best musicians, performing their inspirational original music with a full band and orchestra.  During the event, survivors of domestic violence will be honored for their strength, resilience, and their commitment to help other survivors of domestic violence in the Austin Community.  In addition to honoring and celebrating survivors, MUSEAUSTIN will be raising awareness and funding for the Survive2Thrive Foundation’s Sanctuary Program.  It will be a beautiful night but we have a greater goal to reach over the next month, raising funds to provide 1,000 Nights of Safety.

A different perspective…Many people have never been displaced or homeless so consider these points.  The shelter is not a place for hope and can be devastating and re-traumatizing for someone who has just made the brave and weighted decision to leave their violent home.  Every month, over 1,200 people will be turned away from their local shelters across Texas.  Two thirds of those are children, uprooted from their schools, friends, and support as well.

Also consider, when a survivor leaves and there is no room in the shelter. Where do they go?  They may end up sleeping in their cars.  They may end up going to a friend’s or family’s home, living out of their suitcases. They may even be forced to go to their local homeless shelter.  Frighteningly they may return to their homes where the threat of violence is heightened by 75%.  This should never be the outcome of a brave soul, seeking peace and safety for themselves and their families.

SURVIVE2THRIVE’S Sanctuary Program and 1,000 Nights of Safety Campaign

Survive2Thrive developed the Sanctuary Program to help these displaced families with temporary housing options, gift cards for food and supplies, and advocate support. This program not only provides resources when these families need it the most, but it represents hope that they made the right decision and ended the legacy of violence and abuse for themselves, their children, and the generations after them.

For $75, we can house a family of four for a night through one of our secured hotel partners.  During the first year of this program, we were able to assist 20 families and many have transitioned into a violence-free reality!  Our 2017 1,000 Nights of Safety Campaign is a year-long campaign with one goal: To raise funding to provide temporary housing stipends for this displaced community of brave survivors.